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•Multi-spot, multi-band, enterprise-class VSAT Hub. Our Teleport is located in Mexico city. All operative systems are fully redundant.

•Different topologies on the same network: TDM/TDMA Star, TDM/TDMA Mesh y SCPC.

•Scalable design: Up to 32 Forward Channels, 8’128 return channels and 500’000 terminals.

•Forward channel: TDM up to 65 MSps DVB-S2 ACM supporting  QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK y 32APSK  modulations.

•Return channels: MF-TDMA up to 8 Msps LDPC ACM with modulations BPSK, QPSK y 8PSK .

•Return Channel: SCPC up to 65 MSps DVB-S2 ACM with QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK y 32APSK.

•5% roll-off, IP acceleration and  MF-TDMA protocol with preamble.

•Intelligent load balancing in FWD y RTN channels with time intervals of 30-100 ms.

•Tons of supported protocols with QoS, acceleration and compression.

•Hot-standby M:N local with full redundancy in our Ground station.

•The highest TDMA efficiency in the industry with 96% and high availability.

HTS Satellite


•The Tangerine VSAT System uses the award winning Intelsat´s Epic platform.

•The new Intelsat 29e satellite is an HTS multi-spot beam satellite with 9.4 GHz of aggregate bandwidth.

•It has an amazing 63dBW of EIRP and a G/T of 17.2 dB/K operating in the Ku band with two spot beams in Mexico.

•This Satellite combined with our ground technology allows us to deliver truly satellite broadband with high availability due to Ku band characteristics.

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